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Digita Web Sky

By Digital Web Sky

Use this service in your Hostel Website to manage your business online easily from any location.

Under this you get various features like, Student/User can login and view room details and book hostel easily. User can change their password anytime. Admin can add/manage rooms, courses, students and many more. This simple project is done in PHP & It’s easy to operate and understand by users.The design is pretty simple and user won’t find it difficult to understand, use and navigate.

Features :

  1. Login System.
  2. View Room Details
  3. Book Hostel
  4. Student Registration
  5. Manage Students.
  6. Employee Management.
  7. Billing.
  8. User Management.
  9. Room Management.
  10. Meal management.
  11. Vendor Management.
  12. Cost Management.
  13. Student Management.
  14. Vendor Management.
  15. Notice Board.
  16. Attendance.



Pricing :-

Starter Plan – ₹ 2000

Premium Plan – ₹5000

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