Live Class Management Service

Best option to conduct live Classes with awesome tools & high quality video conferencing.

Digita Web Sky

By Digital Web Sky

Conduct Live Online Classes through audio, Video, screen sharing, white board, etc features & manage all classes easily.

Why choose this online classroom service?

This service offers a comprehensive set of features to deliver seamless and synchronous collaborative learning online

  • High-definition video conferencing
  • Secure live streaming
  • Server-side recording
  • Advanced interactive whiteboard
  • Advanced collaboration and moderation
  • Live screen sharing
  • Polls and surveys
  • Collaborative code editor
  • Easy administration
  • Insights and analytics

High-definition video conferencing

Collaborate face-to-face with enhanced audio-video quality. The full-screen conference mode ensures improved output and the 5-way audio-video layout with instinctive speaker recognition brings alive the real classroom experience. Enjoy unhindered interactive live online classes with low-latency online video streaming and unlimited, echo-free audio output for better results. SD (640p) live video streaming is available by default. HD (720p) live video streaming is available in the Enterprise plans.

Advanced interactive whiteboard

The interactive online whiteboard comes with a full-screen mode, creating a bigger workspace. You can open multiple whiteboards to draw, illustrate, show diagrams, upload presentations, images or even play videos from your library without any hassles. The out-of-the-box advanced geometric shapes and graphs make it easy to teach math and statistics. Circuit diagrams, line diagrams, and apparatus shapes have been included for teaching physics, electrical sciences, and chemistry in a hassle-free manner in an online classroom. The inclusion of maps helps a great deal when teaching geography. You can annotate to explain, illustrate and comment on an existing file or image. You also get the option to choose different colors from the color palette.

Real-time online collaboration

Drive real-time interactions with your learners during the live class. You can transfer the audio or video control to the attendees of your live session. With the live poll option, you can create a poll to pose questions or garner feedback. Learners can use the live chat feature and Raise Hand feature to ask questions. With the option of live screen and application sharing, instructors can share their screen in real-time and provide remote assistance. WizIQ live online class comes with a built-in code editor. Its shared integrated development environment (IDE) makes it possible for remotely-located students to code in real-time online.

Upload, organize and store your content in the cloud and access it from anywhere at anytime. The integrated library supports all types of files, saving the hassle of transferring and carrying data. Upload text, audio, video, PPT, and HTML files in different formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, WAV, WMA, MP3, MOV, AVG, MPEG, WMV, MP4, JPEG, GIF, PNG). The cloud storage saves the hassle of transferring and carrying data. It’s easy to search for content and share it with your audience. Also, once a content resource is uploaded to the library, you can reuse it for different classes.



Pricing :-

Installation Charge – ₹2000

Software Charge is defined on the basis of requirements. To know more about that contact us.

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